• October 2, 2023

CRED Launches Garage, Streamlines Vehicle Management for Members

CRED Launches Garage, Streamlines Vehicle Management for Members

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:  CRED, a high-trust community of creditworthy individuals, brands, and institutions, has reimagined vehicle management for members with the launch of CRED garage, a comprehensive platform for everything related to cars.

Go on that joyride tension-free

With CRED Garage, members gain car confidence. DigiLocker integration provides instant access to vital documents like licenses, Registration Certificates, and insurance. Opting for CRED Garage means enjoying a 24*7 concierge for maintenance, servicing, claims, and roadside assistance, ensuring support both in the city and during cross-country road trips. FASTag recharge is conveniently available on CRED Garage.

Build good habits

CRED Garage fosters car care habits, extending vehicle life and value. Timely reminders for tasks like pollution checks, emissions tests, and insurance renewals maintain vehicle condition. Members save time and money, reducing worry and enhancing car enjoyment. CRED offers rewards, exclusive deals, and perks across transactions. Members can also renew motor insurance with member-exclusive benefits.

Indulge the motorhead oneself

Maintenance records, performance insights, and fuel spends – CRED garage provides granular data on parked cars in an easy-to-read dashboard. Members can tune their vehicle usage on the basis of these insights, resulting in a happier experience even as they indulge in the shared love for cars.

Akshay Aedula, CRED, said, “Whether a first-time owner or a motorhead, anyone who owns cars knows that the delight of driving often gets overtaken by the anxiety of managing and maintaining. CRED garage is our solution to this challenge. CRED members can experience the pleasure of driving and the joy of car ownership on a single platform – customised for them. From cards to cars – CRED members can now manage, maintain and engage with all on the app.”

How to add a vehicle to CRED garage:

  1. Fire up the CRED app
  2. One will see a notification on the home page or search for a garage in the Explore CRED section
  3. On the garage page, add vehicles by entering the vehicle number
  4. It is all set – manage, maintain & obsess – all in one place CRED garage

Kunal Shah, CRED: “Park your cars here.”
For more information, visit https://cred.club/garage

To know more about CRED please visit – https://cred.club/
To onboard CRED garage please visit – https://cred.club/garage

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