• October 2, 2023

L’amant Cafe Introduces Organic Vietnamese Coffee to the Indian Market at World Coffee Conference 2023

L’amant Cafe Introduces Organic Vietnamese Coffee to the Indian Market at World Coffee Conference 2023

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:  L’amant Café, Vietnam’s premier organic coffee brand, is all set to make a grand entry into the Indian market at the World Coffee Conference 2023. This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rayanssh Impex, the Indian partner, reinforcing the café’s mission to introduce Vietnamese organic coffee to the world. This was announced at the ongoing World Coffee Conference in Bengaluru today. L’amant Café is also expected to launch its own Cafés and stores in India by the end of 2025.
Through this partnership, L’amant Café embarks on a new journey, tapping into the world’s largest consumer market, thereby accentuating its vision of global outreach. With a rich history in promoting organic and high-quality coffee resources, the brand is known world over for its authentic Vietnamese coffee culture.

L’amant Café is the first brand in Vietnam to have a coffee farm that meets USDA organic standards from the US Department of Agriculture. L’amant Café uses raw materials that meet international standards such as 4C, UTZ, BRC, Japan Organic and EU Organic.

“The Indian market holds immense potential, and we believe our unique blend of organic coffee will resonate with the discerning Indian consumer,” said Mr. Thai Nhu Hiep, the Founder and Chairman of L’amant Café.

Nestled in Ham Rong – Gia Lai, the L’amant Café farm is the epitome of pristine coffee cultivation. With an altitude conducive to producing the finest Robusta coffee beans, the brand has always championed organic cultivation methods, despite the higher costs, ensuring that consumers receive 100% clean and pure coffee products.

Key Highlights for the Indian consumer:

Product Availability: Indian consumers can look forward to the same globally recognised L’amant Café brand name

Coffee Varieties: Apart from organic, high-quality coffee in both bean and powder form, the brand also offers a unique blend of instant coffee combined with exotic tropical fruits from Vietnam such as coconut and durian.

Ms. Thai Minh Han, International Marketing of L’amant Café shared, “Our focus initially will be to introduce our organic coffee to the Indian consumers through our Indian partner. We will also be exploring online channels including Amazon and E-bay for distribution of our products. By the end of 2025, we plan to open our own branded café’s and stores.”

Mr. Shanmeet Wahan, Director, Rayanssh Impex, who has been in the food industry since the last 23 years has realised there is a huge potential for global brands like L’amant Café in India. Sharing his thoughts, Shanmeet said, “We are pleased to bring the globally renowned Vietnamese coffee brand L’amant Café to India. In the recent years, particularly over the past decade, there’s been a significant surge in the popularity of café-style coffee. This newfound affection can largely be attributed to the growing café’ culture which has made people aware of different blends of coffee beverages. Additionally, with more international travel experiences, Indians are now exposed to global palettes and this has increased the demand for global coffee brands locally. L’amant Café ready-to-drink coffee with its distinct flavours and blends will be readily accepted by our Indian coffee lovers.”

About L’amant Café
L’amant Café stands firm in its belief that pure, natural coffee should be a global experience. That’s why we have set our own mission: “Bring Vietnamese organic coffee to the world”.

Originating from the robust soils of Ham Rong Mountain – Gia Lai, at an altitude of 750m above sea, the climate is mild and has the most suitable and ideal soil for growing coffee. We have our farm cooperates with more than 10,000 farmers and is recognized as the first in Vietnam to meet the stringent USDA organic standards from the US Department of Agriculture, among other international accolades.

For more information, please log on to https://lamantcafe.vn/

More on L’amant Café

The principle of L’amant Café is to go from controlling soil selection to care, harvesting and production to selecting the most perfect green coffee beans. From here, international standard cupping experts combined with the world’s leading Probat roasting technology processed in a closed process have created L’Amant coffee products with completely natural flavors from the beans themselves.

L’amant – Clean from farm to cup

At L’amant farm, each coffee tree is cultivated and cared for by farmers using a special method to produce the best quality coffee.

Green coffee is roasted and ground according to a strict process with 3 no criteria: no marinade, no additives, no preservatives and packaged according to international standards.

The place where the love of coffee beans was nurtured to the birth of the L’amant brand Ham Rong – Gia Lai is the first place L’amant decided to choose as a home to realize his love for coffee beans. Being a highland area with an average altitude of 720/750m above sea level, with a temperate climate all year round, Ham Rong has the most suitable soil to produce the best quality Robusta coffee beans.

Right from the start, L’amant Café made a breakthrough in the coffee industry by choosing to cultivate coffee trees using organic methods.

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