• September 30, 2023

Farmer Centric Sustainable Technology Adoption Key to India’s Agriculture Growth

Farmer Centric Sustainable Technology Adoption Key to India’s Agriculture Growth

New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsVoir)     

•  CropLife India & YES BANK Knowledge Report estimates indicate that INR 2 lakh crores worth of crop yield is lost annually due to pests in the country

•  Two State Agriculture Ministers, Government, Academia & Agro-chemical Industry deliberate on the India – An Emerging Global Food Hub: Role of Sustainable Crop Protection Solutions during the National Conference organized on the occasion of 43rd AGM of CropLife India

CropLife India; the association of leading domestic and Multinational R&D driven crop science companies; organized a National Conference on the occasion of its 43rd AGM. The conference witnessed the congregation of two Agriculture Ministers from the key States of Andhra Pradesh and Haryana; senior Government officials, experts, academia and industry leaders. YES BANK was the Knowledge Partner for the event.

CropLife India & YES BANK Knowledge Report


•  In India, estimates suggest that about INR 2 lakh crores worth of crop yield is lost annually due to pests.

•  Indian agriculture is Feeding a massive 1.43 billion population

•  Contrary to the myths, the crop protection usage in India is just at 0.37 kg / hectare compared to a staggering 11.24 kg/hectare in Japan.

•  The crop protection industry in India is undergoing a Transformation from a product-centric to a sustainable solution-centric approach, wherein “beyond-crop protection” offerings are being provided to farmers.

•  Agtechs (including drone-techs) are changing the way agri-inputs are delivered to farmers, the way agri-inputs are applied in the farm as well as the way farmers are linked to markets. Usage of drones is a big game changer not only for the way that crop protection solutions are applied on field, but also for providing additional income generating activities in rural areas by promoting entrepreneurship.

•  The State Governments have a big role to play in enabling Ease of Doing Business and Ease of Doing Agriculture.

•  CropLife India believes that the State Governments will play an imminent role in paving a “Public-Private Pathway” for capacity building and awareness creation

•  India now stands as the 2nd largest exporter of agrochemicals globally, after China, making it a key participant in the global crop protection industry.

Deliberations during the National Conference focused on the theme “India – An Emerging Global Food Hub: Role of Sustainable Crop Protection Solutions”. The focus of the Inaugural Session was “The Rise of Indian Agriculture – World’s Emerging Food Basket & the Role of States”. Plenary Session I focussed on “Women driving the growth of Indian Agriculture” and the Plenary Session II dwelled on “Innovations for the New-Age Farmers.” The Valedictory Session deliberated on “Role of Agrochemicals in the growth of Indian Agriculture.”

During his inaugural address Shri Kakani Govardhan Reddy, Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture Government of Andhra Pradesh shared that, “The State Government is committed towards Farmers’ education for enhanced use of new technology in agriculture; which has led to multiple novel initiatives viz. ‘E-KYC Know Your Crop’ aiming to provide farmers with essential digital resources. The State is considering to implement State Minimum Support Price Act to further bolster inclusive agricultural practices.”

Shri J. P. Dalal, Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture Government of Haryana said, “Farmers of Haryana are being encouraged to take up crop diversification and produce as per the market demands. Asia’s largest market, spanning over 550 acres, is under construction in Ganaur in Haryana, and will be better than the markets in developed countries like Spain and France. The market would provide farmers with facilities for grading, packaging and sorting at the block and tehsil levels, thus help in export quality products to the international market.”

Dr. Ashok Dalwai, Chairman, Empowered Committee Doubling Farmers’ Income, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India participated in the Industry Leaders’ Interaction and shared his views on the public private partnership for providing better technologies to the farmers for increasing the productivity and the production and also suggested for data based research studies.

Dr. P. K. Singh, Agriculture Commissioner, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India said, “Adopting the ‘One Health‘ approach to balance and optimize the health of people, animals and the environment is non-negotiable for nation’s growth. The role of technology in enabling multiple crop cycles in the same field; educating farmers and reframing the perception of agrochemicals is the need of the hour.”

Dr. Vishal Choudhary, Dy. Industry Advisor, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilisers, said, “The Ministry has established an Industry Facilitation Cell to address industry’s issues and efforts are underway towards creation of dedicated courses for agrochemicals; which would help in responsible use.”

Dr. S. C. Dubey, ADG (Plant Protection), Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India shared, “Agrochemicals are crucial for minimizing crop losses and increasing productivity, along with Nutrient & water management. Investment in R&D is imminent for sustainable agriculture and policies should be prioritized towards environmental sustainability, farmer well-being, and long-term profitability.”

Dr. K. C. Ravi, Chairman, CropLife India said, “As India emerges as a Global Food hub, the need for a predictable, stable and science based policy and regulatory regime for the proper growth of the crop protection sector is imperative. This would promote innovation and new product introduction to address the current and upcoming challenges faced by farmers; while paving the way with introduction of cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Drones.”

Ms. Chhavi Rajawat, first MBA Sarpanch, Ms. Sangeeta Bojappa, Dr. Anupama Singh, Scientist, IARI and Ms. Nisha Solanki, First Woman Drone Pilot of Haryana participated in a session focused on “Women driving the growth of Indian Agriculture”.

The crop protection industry has been making an immense contribution to Indian Agriculture in the last 77 years and is committed to continue the same. CropLife India members are not only committed to bring latest and safer innovations and are equally committed to educate farmers on their safe and responsible use. CropLife and its member companies would like to continue to contribute in creating a science-based, pragmatic and stable regulatory environment.

CropLife members continue to work closely with farmers, scientific community and policy makers to address current as well as future challenges. However, the cost of research has gone up and it is estimated that the cost of discovery and development of a new active ingredient is around INR 2000 crores. If Indian agriculture must flourish, be more competitive, quality driven, reducing wastages as well as losses to enable our farmers to be more successful, it is absolutely essential that a progressive policy environment is in place that fosters innovations.

About CropLife India

CropLife India is committed to advancing sustainable agriculture and it is an association of 16 R&D driven member companies in crop protection. We jointly represent ~ 70% of the market and are responsible for 95% of the molecules introduced in the country. Our member companies have annual global R & D spend of 6 billion USD and are firmly committed to engaging with the farming community to enable Safe, Secure Food Supply.

Our member companies were established in India as far back as the 1950s; we continue to work hand-in-hand with the Government to build the agriculture sector – from direct investment of building factories, jobs creation, bringing in agriculture innovation and working endlessly over the years with multi-stakeholders to enhance agriculture productivity.

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